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The Man Who Saved Me on My Isekai Trip Is a Killer


In the world of isekai, where individuals find themselves transported to fantastical realms, unexpected encounters can change the course of one’s journey. This article delves into the intriguing tale of a traveler who thought they had found salvation in a mysterious companion, only to uncover a shocking truth – that the man who saved them on their isekai trip is, in fact, a killer.

The Enigmatic Saviour

Our story begins in a realm entirely different from our own, a place filled with magical creatures and unforeseen dangers. The protagonist, a young adventurer named Lily, found herself stranded in this fantastical land after a mysterious portal engulfed her.

A Chance Encounter

Alone and bewildered, Lily roamed the unfamiliar terrain, fearing for her life. It was during these dire moments that she encountered a man named Alex, who appeared out of nowhere like a guardian angel.

A Ray of Hope

Alex was well-versed in the ways of the isekai world, possessing incredible combat skills and knowledge of the land’s peculiarities. He took Lily under his wing, promising to guide and protect her on her perilous journey.

The Unfolding Mystery

As days turned into weeks, Lily began to grow closer to her enigmatic savior. They shared stories around campfires, and Alex regaled her with tales of his own adventures in this realm.

A Dark Secret

One fateful night, as the two sat beneath a starlit sky, a sudden revelation sent shivers down Lily’s spine. She overheard a hushed conversation between Alex and a shadowy figure from a nearby camp.

The Sinister Truth

Listening intently, Lily discovered the horrifying truth – Alex was not just a savior but also a cold-blooded killer, lurking in the shadows, preying on unsuspecting travelers for his own gain.

The Dilemma

Lily now faced an agonizing dilemma. Should she confront Alex and risk her own safety, or should she bide her time and seek a way out of this perilous situation?

A Tense Confrontation

Gathering her courage, Lily confronted Alex about his dark secret. The ensuing confrontation was fraught with tension, as the two former companions stood face to face.

A Narrow Escape

In a desperate bid for survival, Lily narrowly escaped Alex’s clutches, vowing to expose his crimes and bring justice to the isekai world.


The isekai journey that began with hope and salvation took an unexpected and sinister turn. Lily’s encounter with the man who saved her turned out to be a chilling lesson in deception and danger. In the world of isekai, trust can be a rare commodity, and discerning friend from foe is an art in itself.


  1. How did Lily discover Alex’s secret?
    • Lily overheard a conversation between Alex and a mysterious figure that exposed his true nature as a killer.
  2. Did Lily confront Alex about his crimes?
    • Yes, Lily confronted Alex about his dark secret, leading to a tense confrontation.
  3. What happened after Lily escaped from Alex?
    • Lily vowed to expose Alex’s crimes and seek justice in the isekai world.
  4. Are there dangers other than Alex in the isekai realm?
    • Yes, the isekai realm is filled with magical creatures and unforeseen dangers that adventurers like Lily must navigate.

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