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347 grade Stainless Steel: Features and Applications

Do not look beyond grade 347 stainless steel if you’re looking for a dependable, strong material that can endure the test of time. This versatile material has many qualities that makes it the best option for numerous applications.

The items created employing molten steel grade 347 over a penetrating rod are known as SS 347 Seamless tubes. Such seamless pipes are hollow tubes that are stronger than other varieties. Because of their chemical and mechanical properties, seamless stainless steel tubes find extensive use in both industries and home applications. 

The benefits and advantages of 347 stainless steel tubes are great for the automobile industry, especially since the grade 347 stainless steel tube price is worth it for the whole project. The chemical property known as columbium is seen in these SS347 Seamless Tubes, which stabilize the steel, prevents carbide precipitation, and causes intergranular corrosion.

Composition Of Stainless Steel 347

Due to its many advantages, the formula of 347 stainless steel is highly valued. This particular stainless steel is an austenitic, non-heat treatable alloy containing 18% chromium, 10% nickel, and.08% carbon. These specific ratios of the metals result in forming Inconel sheet, a material famous worldwide for its ability to withstand oxidation even at temperatures as high as 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Inconel sheet is a prime material for applications like industrial equipment and infrastructure for chemical processing because of its high weldability and formability. In conclusion, industries trust Inconel sheets because of their composition of 347 stainless steel, which maintains high strength despite temperature changes.

Stainless Steel 347’s Physical Characteristics

The Inconel sheet material 347 stainless steel is best recognized for its exceptional corrosion and oxidation resistance. It is perfect for several commercial applications in high-temperature environments because it has excellent strength at high temperatures.

Furthermore, the high chromium and nickel concentration of 347 stainless steel makes it evenly robust to oxidation and other environmental effects at any temperature. 

Additionally, even though Inconel sheets manufactured of 347 stainless steel are somewhat prone to deformation when subjected to temperatures beyond 800°C, they continue to have good toughness throughout their lifespan. Given all these qualities, it is obvious why Inconel sheets produced of 347 stainless steel are such a useful resource for many sectors.

Mechanical Characteristics Of 347 Stainless Steel

Due to its outstanding mechanical qualities, 347 Stainless Steel makes an appealing solution for Inconel sheets for numerous applications. 347 stainless steel has exceptional dimensional stability with exceptional resistance to dishing, slivering, and warping.

Additionally, it is extremely strong and hard even at high temperatures. In reality, the increased chromium and nickel concentration enhances the material’s ductility, enabling the Inconel sheet to flex gently in portions subjected to repetitive loading.

Of course, this stainless steel’s incredible resistance also makes welding possible without compromising its performance or strength. Because of this, 347 stainless steel is a great option for many technical tasks and engineering projects. 

347 Stainless Steel Properties 

How is this steel type so advantageous, then? To begin with, it possesses great corrosion resistance and excellent oxidation resistance. It can withstand incredibly high temperatures sans deforming or cracking because it has a strong creep strength at increased temperatures. It also has high formability and great weldability. It has a tensile strength of 90 to 120 ksi (620-830 MPa). Maximum amounts of 0.08% carbon, 17–19% chromium, 9–13% nickel, 2% manganese, 1% silicon, and traces of phosphorus and sulfur can be found in 347 stainless steel’s composition.

Austenitic 347 stainless steel is a chromium-nickel stainless steel that includes tantalum and columbium.

Columbium and tantalum are added to 347 stainless steel to stabilize and improve its ability to resist corrosion.

When 347 stainless steel is cold-worked, it can become mildly magnetic but not magnetic when annealed.

The alloy is not prone to weld degradation and has superior resistance to corrosion damage in the as-welded condition.

Stainless steel 347 can withstand temperatures of up to 1500°F (816°C) and has a strong creep strength.

Even at cryogenic temperatures, 347 Stainless Steel Pipe has good forming, welding, and toughness characteristics.

Benefits of Stainless Steel 347 Seamless Tube

SS347 Seamless Tubes are a widely regarded product in the market. The product is offered in polished and mill-finished forms. These tubes are also provided by top stockholders who are present in the market, in both narrow and wide widths. The specification criteria outlined in international quality guidelines are adhered to by seamless tubes. The high-temperature range that these pipes may operate in broadens the range of applications for them. The carbon alloy in 347 stainless steel seamless tubes offers improved creep resistance and can withstand temperatures as high as 537°C.

Additionally, they have enhanced corrosion resistance to operate easily in oxidizing situations. Non-magnetic stainless steel 347 seamless tubes go through a cold working procedure to harden. 347 Stainless Steel For pressure vessel applications, seamless tubes are great for overcoming sensitization problems.

Uses For 347 Stainless Steel

This grade of stainless steel has many potential applications due to its outstanding qualities. Aircraft exhaust manifolds, power plant stacks, chemical and food processing machinery, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, valves and fittings, condensers and evaporators, turbine blades and vanes, cookware and bakeware, marine hardware like handrails or cleats, and automotive trim pieces like wheel covers or hubcaps are a few examples of common applications.

They are also frequently used in cryogenic systems, such as cryogenic storage tanks or cryogenic transit containers, because of its longevity and strong temperature resistance qualities.

Applicable To The Building Sector

Plumbing and tube fixtures are necessary for all engineering and building projects. These sectors need stainless steel 347 tubes in round, square, or rectangular hollow structural sections. These tubes can be used for various tasks, such as load-bearing and columns.

Applicable To The Production Of Automobiles

Since the 1990s, the automotive sector has used seamless stainless steel tubes for various applications. The inside of the car can utilize these tubular constructions. Consider suspension, fuel injectors, or vehicle control systems as examples.

These stainless steel 347 seamless tubes are also used in power plants, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, aircraft engines, home fittings, gas pipelines and appliances, and other high heat activation functions.

Consider trying grade 347 stainless steel tubes today if you’re seeking an alloy that won’t disappoint you. It can be the ideal solution for your project’s requirements

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