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The Colorful History of Kisscartoon

Animation has always been a creative outlet, one that has allowed for some of the most unique and eye-catching stories to be told. From The Simpsons to South Park, animation has entertained generations with its hilarious antics. But what about the animation that doesn’t get as much attention? KissCartoon is one such company, and its story is as colorful as the characters it creates. In this blog post, we will take a look at the history of KissCartoon and explore some of the reasons why its content is so beloved. From politics to social commentary, learn about this underrated animation company and why you should check out some of its latest releases.

KissCartoon’s Origins

Dating back to 1997, KissCartoon.com has been a fixture in the online animation community. For over 20 years, the site has been dedicated to providing fans of all ages with high-quality cartoons and comics.

The website’s history starts with creator Mike Rohm’s love of animation. After graduating from college, Rohm began working as a freelance animator for companies like Hanna-Barbera and Universal Cartoon Studios. In 1997, he started his own animation company, Rohm Entertainment, and began production on his first cartoon, “The Intergalactic Nemesis.”

KissCartoon.com was launched in December of that year as an interactive web site where visitors could watch episodes of “The Intergalactic Nemesis” and vote on their favorite characters. The website slowly grew in popularity and by 2000, Rohm had decided to take KissCartoon offline as a marketing strategy to get more exposure for the show. He then put together a new team of animators and launched a new web series called “Bad Hair Day” which ultimately led to the creation of KissCartoon.com.

Since its inception, KissCartoon has become one of the most popular websites for cartoons and comics online. It continues to grow in popularity thanks to its commitment to high-quality content and vibrant community

The Early Years

KissCartoon, the legendary animation studio responsible for such popular shows as Invader Zim, Dexter’s Laboratory, and The Powerpuff Girls, was founded by Gene Deitch and Peter Hastings in 1984. Prior to KissCartoon, Deitch and Hastings co-founded A&M TV Animation in 1982, which produced the short-lived sitcom Different Strokes.

Deitch and Hastings originally pitched their idea for a cartoon called “The Adventures of Smurfette” to Hanna-Barbera Productions. The show would have starred an orphaned Smurf girl who befriends an older female smurf named Smurfette. However, the proposal was turned down due to Smurfette’s sexual innuendo.

Undaunted, Deitch and Hastings created a new character called Gargamel (based on the wizard from The Wizard of Oz) and pitched the show to CBS Corporation’s Saturday morning lineup. The network accepted the show but insisted that Gargamel be changed into a pig because they believed children would not be able to relate to a creature with magic powers.

In order to make Gargamel more relatable, Deitch rewrote him as a slovenly scientist who creates evil machines out of junk materials. To reflect this change in personality, his voice was changed from a high-pitched Disney imitation to a low growl similar to that of Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.

The series premiered on September 12th,

The Enterprising Years

In 1979, John Kricfalusi, a Canadian animator, created his first cartoon series called “Ren and Stimpy.” The show revolved around the titular characters – a dog and a cat – who were extremely incompetent but always up for some mischief. In 1990, Kricfalusi produced his second cartoon series, “FoxTrot.” This show followed the adventures of Jason Fox and his family in their suburban home. Like Ren and Stimpy, FoxTrot was often crudely drawn but it was also extremely funny.

In 2000, Kricfalusi produced “The Simpsons.” This long-running show follows the life of Homer Simpson – an average father who is constantly struggling to make ends meet. The show is renowned for its hilarious jokes and memorable characters such as Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson and Homer’s iconic wife Springfield …

The Artistic Years

In the mid-1970s, Gene Deitch and Terry Austin of the Los Angeles-based animation studio ATSC decided to start their own production company. The new company was called “Kiss Cartoon”, after the two men’s shared love of pop music and comic books. Kiss Cartoon’s first project was a series of shorts based on the popular Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.

The success of this initial effort led to an ongoing contract with Marvel and production on a new series based on the popular superhero The X-Men. This series, originally titled “X-Men”, would go on to become one of the most successful animated series in history.

Over the course of the next three decades, Kiss Cartoon produced over 100 episodes of various animated television series, including “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “SpongeBob SquarePants” and ” Adventure Time”. In addition, they created several feature films, including “Ghostbusters II” and “Titanic”.

Today, Kiss Cartoon is still active as a production company; their latest project is an upcoming adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ classic children’s book, “The Cat in the Hat”.

KissCartoon in the Late 20th Century

In the late 20th century, Kisscartoon ruled the digital world. The iconic cartoon characters were ubiquitous on websites and social media platforms, and their popularity only continued to grow.

Kisscartoon was founded in 1996 by animators Michael Leavitt and Bruce W. Smith, who had been working together at Hanna-Barbera. The duo aimed to create a more adult-themed alternative to Disney’s then-dominant animation style.

Initially, Kisscartoon relied on advertising revenue to fund its productions. However, the website’s widespread popularity soon made it self-sufficient. Today, Kisscartoon continues to produce new episodes and merchandise around the clock.


Kisscartoon began as a small animation studio in the early 1990s, working on projects such as Space Ace and The Rugrats Movie. Over the years, Kisscartoon has gone on to produce some of the most iconic animated television series out there, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Dexter’s Laboratory, Adventure Time and Rick and Morty. Today, they continue to produce new episodes of their hit series while also expanding into movies and other forms of media. In short, KissCartoon is an incredibly successful animation studio with a colorful history that you don’t want to miss.

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